New roof construction Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Reconstruction of an attic floor destroyed by war for living spaces, 2018


Hochgarage Mayen

Nichtoffener Realisierungswettbewerb mit Ideenteil, 2019


Police station Saale-Orla, Schleiz

Realization competition, 2019


House in Melzow will be shown in the exhibition "Architecture of Necessity"

Virserum Konsthall, Smaland, Sweden, 27th June 2019

The Architecture of Necessity is an initiative of the Virserum Konsthall. Since 2009 the Konsthall encourages dialogues about the basic values of architecture by a competition, an exhibition, a conference, the wood summit Smaland, and a catalogue. A humble questioning of the living and consumption patterns that developed during the last century, which intersects many traditional political barriers.

Guided Tour to our houses Maximiliansquartier

Saturday, 29th June 2019, 10:00 and 12:00

In the course of the Tag der Architektur 2019, Architektenkammer Berlin

Meeting point: Forckenbecksstraße 64-67, 14199 Berlin, container


Häuser des Jahres 2018 - Die besten Einfamilienhäuser

Anerkennung für das Haus in Melzow


Media house, Nördliche Wallhalbinsel in Lübeck

Limited realisation competition


Orangerie Diersfordt, Wesel

Conversion and Reconstuction, 2018


Warehouse F, Nördliche Wallhalbinsel, Lübeck

Conversion into apartments, 2018


Children's Villa. A House for all

Negotiation procedure 2018/19, 3rd grade


Maximilians Quartier, Berlin

Construction of 4 residential buildings