House in a park with assistance in Berlin-Pankow

Wooden costruction, 2021

We have celebrated the laying of the foundation stone on September 29th.


Lokatorium in Altdöbern, Oberspreewald-Lausitz

Reconstruction and Transformation


House in Potsdam-Babelsberg

New construction, 2022


Modersohn & Freiesleben - Realtà / Wirklichkeit

Katalog zur Ausstellung im Politecnico Milano, Galleria del Progetto

edited by Michele Caja

published by Maggioli Editore 2022

Realtà / Wirklichkeit / Reality

Case di città / case di campagna

We are pleased to invite you to the last stop of our exhibition:

at the Politecnico Milano, Galleria del Progetto

from 16.05. to 10.06.2022

curated by Michele Caja

A symposium on the exhibition will take place on 25.05. with contributions by Annegeret Burg, Michele Caja and Annalisa Trentin.

Alltagstauglich und eigenständig

Short portrait of Modersohn & Freiesleben

in the journal Häuser 2.2022


Studio Freiesleben

Aspekte einer Architektur – Entwurfslehre 2017-2022

coming soon

with contributions by Marcin Ganczarski, Susanne Regener and Annelen Schmidt-Vollenbroich

designed by Book Book, Berlin

Park Books, Zürch

Realtà / Wirklichkeit / Reality

Exhibition about Modersohn & Freiesleben in Cesena

At least - with one and a half years delay -  the exhibition takes place.

11 March - 03 April 2022

Galleria del Ridotto, Corso Mazzini 1 - Cesena / Italy

Opening conference at Sala Lignea Biblioteca Malatesiana, Piazza Bufalina 1, Cesena
11 March 2022, 17:00

Residential complex Berlin Schönefeld

Construction of two residential buildings, 2021


10 apartement buildings at Spandau (Haselhorst)

new construction, 2021