'Bundesverbandes deutscher Banken' Berlin - Head office

Rebuilding of the Groundfloor, 2020


House in Netra, Hessen

Construction start March 2021


Warehouse F, Nördliche Wallhalbinsel, Lübeck

Conversion into residentia and commercial units, 2019


Realtà / Wirklichkeit / Reality

Case di città / case di campagna

We are pleased to invite you to the last stop of our exhibition:

at the Politecnico Milano, Galleria del Progetto

from 16.05. to 10.06.2022

curated by Michele Caja

A symposium on the exhibition will take place on 25.05. with contributions by Annegeret Burg, Michele Caja and Annalisa Trentin.

Realtà / Wirklichkeit / Reality

Exhibition about Modersohn & Freiesleben in Cesena

At least - with one and a half years delay -  the exhibition takes place.

11 March - 03 April 2022

Galleria del Ridotto, Corso Mazzini 1 - Cesena / Italy

Opening conference at Sala Lignea Biblioteca Malatesiana, Piazza Bufalina 1, Cesena
11 March 2022, 17:00

Studio Freiesleben

Aspekte einer Architektur – Entwurfslehre 2017-2022

coming soon

with contributions by Marcin Ganczarski, Susanne Regener and Annelen Schmidt-Vollenbroich

designed by Book Book, Berlin

Park Books, Zürch

House in Potsdam-Babelsberg

New construction, 2022


Turn on

20. Architektur Festival

3 - 5 March 2022
ORF RadioKulturhaus

or via live stream


On March 4th  Antje Freiesleben and Jens Fricke (Feldhaus Klinker Vertriebs-GmbH) will talk about 4 Houses in the Maximilians Quartier, Berlin

More information on Baunetz

New roof construction Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Reconstruction of an attic floor destroyed by war for living spaces, 2018


House in a park with assistance

Wooden costruction, 2021


"best architects 22" Award for our 4 residential buildings in the Maximilians Quartier

Read more.

Wirklichkeit / Reality

Our new monograph, edited by Park Books is finished and available.

With contributions by Hans van der Heijden, Ijoma Mangold, Oda Pälmke, Joachim Sartorius, Tobias Zepter, Falk Jaeger und Katrin von Maltzahn und Jan Svenungsson, .
Fotografies by Annette Kisling, Maximilian Meisse, Stefan Müller, Sebastian Schels und Jan Svenungsson

Designed by Book Book

Wirklichkeit / Reality II

edition of 10 postcards

Edited on the occasion of our new book (s.a.)
and of our exhibition in Italy (s.b.).

Designed by Book Book

Ulrich Brinkmann schreibt über unsere Häuser im Maximilians Quartier in der Bauwelt

Bauwelt 17. 2020 vom 21. Augst 2020

Neu erschienen: best architects 22 - die Publikation

Unter den 91 prämierten und publizierten Projekten:

unsere 4 Wohnhäuser im Maximilians Quartier


Residential complex Berlin Schönefeld

Construction of two residential buildings, 2021


10 apartement buildings at Spandau (Haselhorst)

new construction, 2021